At Star Mountain Capital, founded in 2010 by Brett Hickey, we believe that leading businesses have a clear sense of community and social responsibility which aligns customers, employees, shareholders and communities to maximize long-term value for all.
Star Mountain seeks to create positive social impact, including:

  • Star Mountain’s proprietary Collaborative Ecosystem which helps educate business owners on best practices encompassing, aspects such as:
    • Building a diverse senior management team including women and minorities.
    • Providing internships to local students, veterans, athletes and other talented individuals.
    • Giving back to their local community.
  • Focus on only investing in private small & medium-sized businesses, which typically are growing and creating jobs.
  • Providing capital for growth and innovation.

Through the Star Mountain Charitable Foundation, Star Mountain donates time, money and resources to advance education, health & wellness, cancer research and other worthy causes.