Collaborative Ecosystem®

Star Mountain’s proprietary Collaborative Ecosystem® differentiates its platform.  Star Mountain participates in the lower middle-market through its three-channel approach of:

  • Making direct credit-focused investments in mainly U.S. lower middle-market businesses
  • Investing as a strategic limited partner in niche credit-oriented fund managers focused primarily on U.S. lower middle-market businesses, often with preferred economics so Star Mountain investors do not pay traditional fund-of-fund layered management fees and receive additional protective rights
  • Purchasing limited partnership interests from other investors, in smaller private funds generally focused on U.S. lower middle-market businesses, including SBIC funds

Collaborative Ecosystem

Star Mountain Capital, founded in 2010 by Brett Hickey, believes that the three-channel approach provides it with competitive advantages in knowledge and relationships to assist with sourcing, underwriting and managing investments.

Star Mountain also benefits from:

  • A national origination platform with local investment professional presence in 20 U.S. cities to directly source deals
  • Specialized industry expertise across most verticals
  • Network of over 25 strategically aligned Senior Advisors and Operating Partners who provide expertise with regard to specific investments/industries and with regard to best practices in operations, technology, human capital management, and other topics
  • Ongoing operational support and relationships to assist business owners and fund managers with strategic initiatives, capital raising, risk management and other major business decisions

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