“Global Macro Trends” Webinar Presented by Dr. Lev Borodovsky

Star Mountain Capital, one of the largest investment platforms focused exclusively on U.S. small & medium-sized businesses, hosted a “Global Macro Trends” webinar presented by Dr. Lev Borodovsky, Chief Risk Officer of Star Mountain Capital.

To watch this webinar: click here

Topics to be discussed:

  • “Soft” vs. “Hard” economic data in the US: Which is right? Does it matter?
  • The ongoing recovery in Europe: What are the risks? What are the challenges for the ECB?
  • Beijing’s balancing act on China’s economy: How to maintain steady growth while battling bubbles

About the presenter:

Dr. Lev Borodovsky is the Chief Risk Officer at Star Mountain Capital with over 20 years of experience covering private equity, risk management and operations. He is also the Editor of The Wall Street Journal’s The Daily Shot. Dr. Borodovsky was previously a founding team member, Chief Risk Officer and Managing Director of the GSO/Blackstone platform. He was also the Former Head of Risk Management for the Alternative Capital Division at Credit Suisse First Boston as well as a Former Partner and Chief Risk Officer at Bell Point Capital Partners.


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