Business Owners

Star Mountain is committed to the growth of the US Small Business marketplace.  Established small and medium-sized business owners come to Star Mountain looking for an experienced debt or equity capital partner to help them maximize their strategic growth objectives, including structuring and integrating acquisitions.

Profile of Typical Small Business Partner:

  • 10+ year, established operating company
  • Owner-operated (not typically controlled by a large private equity sponsor)
  • 20-250 employees
  • Revenues $10 million to $200 million
  • EBITDA of $3 million to $15 million

Typical Use of Capital:

Organic Growth

  • To increase revenues, including opening new facilities, growing sales team, and investing in technology
  • To fund working capital and inventory needs


  • To acquire a competitor or to increase enterprise value multiples afforded to larger companies
  • To finance the majority or minority investment of a new equity investor/partner (e.g., owner/manager internal transition or 3rd party change of control)

Sale of Business

  • Including estate and succession planning

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