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Frequently Asked Questions

What Market Does Star Mountain Invest In? Exclusively the Lower Middle-Market.

What Makes the Lower Middle-Market an Attractive Marketplace for Investors?

Large Supply and Demand imbalance of high quality growing businesses looking for strategic debt or equity capital provide the opportunity to generate superior risk-adjusted returns compared to more competitive markets and provides for often attractive portfolio diversification benefits for investors due to the lower middle-market having a low correlation to the public markets.

What Provides Star Mountain with Competitive Advantages to Generate Superior Investment Results?

  • Culture
  • Alignment of Interests with Investors
  • Innovative, Forward Thinking Approach
  • Aggressive Investment and Use of Technology

With Star Mountain’s sophistication, relationships and capabilities, it is able to create customized and commingled investment solutions for institutional and high-net-worth investors.

Benefits of the lower middle-market include:

  • Low correlation to the public market and larger asset classes
  • Lower leverage for reduced a risk profile
  • More attractive valuations and terms creating the possibility to generate superior returns to the more competitive larger company marketplace

Star Mountain has a “Collaborate Ecosystem” approach to investing which results in superior information and deal flow to generate superior returns for investors.

This Collaborative Ecosystem is comprised of:

  • Direct investments in high quality, growing businesses
  • Investments in top performing Lower Middle-Market Private Equity and Private Credit Fund Managers
  • Secondary Fund investments purchasing limited partnership interests in Lower Middle-Market Private Equity and Private Credit Fund Managers

Star Mountain takes a long-term Partnership Approach to everything it does.

Star Mountain works as a Solutions-Based Partner to come up with the optimal investment solutions for investors and business owners-alike.

Star Mountain has a team with experience and relationships which are unparalleled in the Lower Middle-Market, providing it with competitive advantages which help generate superior results for investors.

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