Star Mountain Webinar “Global Macro Trends”

Star Mountain Capital, one of the largest investment platforms focused exclusively on U.S. small & medium-sized businesses, hosted a “Global Macro Trends” webinar presented by Dr. Lev Borodovsky, Chief Risk Officer of Star Mountain Capital.

To watch this webinar: click here

Investing in the Growth Engine of America – Star Mountain Capital, founded in 2010 by Brett Hickey, is a specialized lower middle-market asset management firm focused on investing directly and through other funds into businesses that have between $10 and $150 million in annual revenues. Star Mountain brings large market expertise and resources to lower middle-market companies and fund manager partners. Star Mountain invests (1) directly into established, small and medium-sized companies, (2) as a strategic limited partner into other lower middle-market funds and (3) as a secondary fund investor providing liquidity to limited partners in lower middle-market funds.

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